Our wide range of capabilities can look confusing at first glance, but don’t worry as we will select the right equipment from both quality and product viewpoints.

If all our lines run simultaneously we can fill more than 75,000 finished products/hour.

Below please find information about the most common formats:

Bottle Filling

Our production lines are able to handle glass, as well as plastic bottles.

Various forms and sizes can be filled, closed and decorated due to our modular and flexible line technology.

Next to filling of liquids and semi solid products, we offer two-phase products and are able to individually react to demands of the market.

We dispose about the following filling technologies for bottles:

  • 2 circular fillers 10 - 300 ml; line speed of up to 120 cycles/min
  • 8 linear fillers 3 – 3,000 ml; line speed of up to 150 cycles/min
  • 1 vacuum fillers up to 200 ml; line speed up to 60 cycles/min


Jar & Tin Filling
Tube Filling

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